Unix Patch Management

Why UNIX Patch Management Can Be Difficult And How ITarian Can Help

UNIX is a very popular operating system for companies because it allows for multiple users and multitasking. While it was initially designed to be used by programmers, it is now used by many businesses throughout the world. The primary problem is that it is considered a heterogeneous infrastructure, which can be harder to administer patches and deal with patch management. In some cases, IT departments have trouble creating and sticking to a process, but at ITarian, we can help.

The Four Major Difficulties

With the UNIX system, there are four difficulties that IT managers have to face, which includes:

  • Managing a heterogeneous infrastructure with different updating needs
  • Managing patches with varying importance levels
  • Testing updates before deploying them
  • Tighter deployment restrictions

Because it is a confusing process, most IT managers give up, or try to do it themselves. However, we know of a better system, which could help.

Unix Patch Management

Patch Manager

Management of patches should be tasked to one person or a small group of people. These people only focus on patching the system. If you have multiple versions of Windows and different versions of UNIX, you have a more complicated problem than someone running only one OS.

With our patch management product, you can easily find patches and decide which ones are needed immediately. Our system does everything for you and reports it back to you. You just check the report to see what patches are available and which ones are deemed more important. It can also tell you which ones are appropriate for your system and can test them after installation to ensure they're working properly. To learn more about our product or any of our other services/products, contact us today.

What is Patch Management?


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