Security Patch Management: An Introduction

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Windows Patch Management Software - Why You Need it?

Security patch management is key to systems management and security; it is all about securing systems and managing patches, so as to prevent the entry of hackers or malware.

Patch management, as we know, is all about acquiring, testing and installing multiple patches to a system. This involves identifying available patches, deciding what patches are needed, ensuring proper installation of patches, testing of systems after patch installation, documentation of procedures etc.

Security Patch Management: Things to Know

ITarian has always been providing comprehensive patch management solutions to companies and organizations worldwide.

One thing that we all know about software vulnerabilities is that it's practically impossible to put a final stop to detecting and addressing vulnerabilities. You detect a vulnerability and apply a patch and the very next day another vulnerability comes up. Thus patch management ends up being an ongoing process and involves the following key things-

  • Detecting missing security patches using tools to scan systems.
  • Determining the severity of the vulnerabilities relating to the missing patches and deciding whether they pose a threat to the security of the systems.
  • Downloading patches for testing, if it's found that the security measures in place won't resolve the detected vulnerabilities.
  • Testing patches and then deploying them to systems.
  • Beginning the patch management process again by subscribing to notifications that give alerts about vulnerabilities.
Security Patch Management

Security Patch Management Solutions That We Offer

ITarian offers patch management programs that would look for patches and determine what patches are needed. Our tool also helps test patches to ensure they work and then it also helps install the patches on the systems.

It's to be remembered that keeping patch management up to date is of key importance to any organization that deals with sensitive personal information of customers. Proper patch management could prevent data breaches to a great extent and ensure better security.

Reasons To Consider

Most companies deal with customer information, from names and addresses to credit card information, birth dates and even social-security numbers. Therefore, you need to ensure that security patch management is up to date and done correctly. Otherwise, you could lose valuable information and could risk losing customers. Many of our products are to use, so contact us today if you would like to learn more.

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