Service Desk System

Benefits Abound When Using A Service Desk System

Most people dislike having to call for computer support because it means downtime and a wasted day. Companies are realizing the problems with the current IT department system because it doesn't allow customers or the organization to be as productive as possible. At ITarian, we understand the frustrations companies have, and have created a service desk product to help. With it, you can:

  • Filter tickets by agent, priority, etc.
  • Set different priorities so that bigger problems get fixed first
  • Give customers a self-help feature to reduce calls and requests
  • Allow customers to create tickets, saving a step
  • Generate reports
  • Keep all SLAs and other data in one easy-to-access spot


Small and large companies alike can benefit from using a service desk product, though most CEOs and managers aren't aware of what they can do or how they can be implemented. Our product integrates with current software, so you don't have to completely change your systems.

Our product allows you to track all inquiries, based on customer or agent. This enables you to see which problems have been found and what has been fixed. It can be an excellent ability when you get a customer who claims their problem isn't solved because you can see what was done, when it was done, and by whom it was done.

You can create various responses, such as "ticket received," "ticket created," and "ticket closed." These responses can be sent automatically to customers, ensuring they know what's going on.

Our product also makes it easy to set up the service desk system, so you aren't taking days or months to start using it. With a few clicks and a quick download, you'll be helping customers more proficiently in no time. Contact us today to learn more.

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