Business Reports

KPIs measured are KPIs managed.

Business Reports
Business Management

ITarian Business Reports:

KPIs track progress toward your business goals. Reports give you access to the data that tells you how you’re doing on those KPIs. Easy access to that information helps you make the right decisions for your business on a continuous basis. ITarian’s Business Reports provide a single dashboard you can use to drill down on key data for real-time, customizable metrics for every KPI.

ITarian Business Reports help you:

  • Create automated reporting workflows
  • Get visibility to set realistic expectations
  • Deliver real-time updates to continuously improve quality of service

Key benefits and capabilities

Profitability analysis

Quickly see where your make and lose money based on profitability metrics and true employee costs.

Meaningful metrics

Track SLAs, open ticket count, ticket backlogs, time to resolution, and project hours spent on a per-project basis to maximize resource utilization.

Sales forecasting

See which opportunities are likely to close and how much you can expect to make for more accurate forecasts and to estimate potential ROI by opportunity and by employee.