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The first & only platform in the world that allows you to offer cybersecurity as a billable managed service to your customers.

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SOCaaP (SOC-as-a-platform) Case Study

CyberSecOp is an independent information security and compliance service provider. They take a holistic approach in implementing innovative strategies that will provide a cohesive protection to their customers.

The Challenge

One of the challenges faced by CyberSecOp is the need to expand its security operations. They want to help customers meet compliance requirements, protect their endpoints and networks, and resolve incidents quickly.

CyberSecOp was looking for an affordable, fully-managed solution that would support its growing services portfolio.

The Solution

To resolve the issue, CyberSecOp partnered with Comodo to leverage its one of a kind SOC-as-a-platform (SOCaaP) offering. It is fully integrated with Comodo’s patented auto-containment technology, so customers can experience an active breach protection solution against different types of cyberattacks. Aside from this, it also incorporates the people, processes, and technology needed for threat detection, examination, and incident response in real-time. This platform-based approach can save managed services providers time and money.

The Results

After using Comodo’s SOC-as-a-platform (SOCaaP), there has been a significant improvement in response time. Attacker dwell times have also been reduced from minutes to seconds. And lastly, no false positives were found running in a customer environment.


CyberSecOp chose Comodo to enable a certain degree of solution that isn’t available anywhere else. Upon deployment, Comodo’s SOCaaP was able to respond to incidents faster and achieve full resolution at a fraction of the time, shrinking the attacker’s dwell times and mitigating risks of breach. The zero false-positive alerts have also allowed them to keep their eyes on activities that are more valuable. This innovation will surely provide CyberSecOp and its customers lasting security and satisfaction.