Patch and Vulnerability Management

Learn About The Best Patch And Vulnerability Management Guidelines

Every computer in every network includes software and hardware that may require patches. Frequently, software vendors will roll out a product, even if it hasn't been thoroughly tested. In most cases, a full test can't be possible, because as people use it differently, they'll notice different things. Therefore, hotfixes are required to ensure that there is no vulnerability. Patch management isn't regulated by any government, so it can be difficult to determine a schedule.

At ITarian, we understand the necessity of scheduling time for patch management and also understand that without knowing what to do, you probably won't get it done promptly.

What We Do

Our product makes it easy to handle deployments and testing, among others. The benefits of our product can include:

  • Supporting almost all platforms
  • Keeping an eye on which vulnerability patches are released
  • Filtering patches based on severity to make it easy to see which ones are needed
  • Automating deployment with rules and schedules
  • Patching third-party applications when requested

We tried to make patching simpler because we took a lot of the guesswork and legwork out of the job. Instead of checking through all available websites to determine which patches are out there, our product does it for you. You won't have to try and figure out which ones are more important, because our filtering option does that, too! We can also send out notifications letting you know new patches are available.

Patch management doesn't have to be a complicated or drawn-out process though most IT personnel think so. If you're looking for a different and better solution, look no further. You've found what you need, and your company could also benefit from our other services and products. contact us today to learn more.

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